Tado is not controlling the boiler

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Hi team,

Sorry in advance if I am not making any sense (or provided too much data) as I am not plumber/electrician , just an owner that is stuck on my plumber/electrician control.

This is a completely new system, treat it as a new house built.


  1. Valiant ecoPlus 637
  2. Tado Starter Kit
  3. Add-on Tado smart thermostat (not installed yet)
  4. 7 Tado TVR (not installed yet)
  5. Undeflooring heating (not related to tado but I will include)
  6. Heatmiser uh8-rf(for underfloo heating)
  7. For some reason a Salus Wiring Centre
  8. Telford Group Water Tank (250 Litres)

ATM all of the radiators have standard valves, as the TRVs are not installed.

Starter kit meaning, extension kit plugged in the Salus, internet bridge to my router and smart thermostat (wireless). All the Tado equipment are paired and work as expected in the app.

To test the system I have placed the Tado smart thermostat in one of the rooms and tried to control the temperature of that room with no luck! The radiators are staying ON all the time , even when I set the smart thermostat on be 8C! I was looking online and I saw an article that stated that you cant operate an Smart Thermostat with no Boiler Controller but I have assumed that the extension kit is the controller but happy to be corrected here. So if the system was working I would assume that once the temperature of the thermostat is hit , ALL the raditors will switch off as they are all one zone at moment. Nothing is switching off :(

So now I am stuck with a system that I believe does not communicate with the boiler but the plumber is saying that tado is at fault and he wont fix it. He is saying that the boiler is missing the controller and thats why it is not switching off the radiators.

I did install a tado in the past (on exactly the same boiler model) and it was simple as it was just replacing an existing system. The old system did have a time switch module installed but this system is only on/off.

I think the plumber has over complicated the issue by using so many wiring centers and the underfloor heating (which should have nothing to do with the Tado) and the tado is indeed not communicating with the boiler.

PS. I am getting alerts if I open the windows or if I walk away from home. Boiler does nada!

Sorry once again for all the information but I have been going around this for 2.5 weeks and we are about to move in the house and finalize the build.



  • Jurian
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    To install tado you have 2 options:

    1. Go to the app, go to settings, add your device and then request step by step instructions to replace an existing device.
    2. Get your own professional installer, and give him/her access to: www.tado.com/professional-manuals

    If you run into issues, please put back your old controller and re-test your system, just to make sure that the system still works.

    Now try to install just 1 tado device at the time, and really request instructions per device you are replacing. And every time you replaced one device, you test your system again.

    If that does not work, the next step is to post a lot of wiring pictures. From inside the old controller, and how you put the wires in tado.

    Furthermore, you should also let us know what device you selected when you went trough the DIY installation. Please be aware that starting a DIY installation also can change the interface of the tado hardware devices.

  • Thanks Jurian but there isnt an old controller as the system is all new and freshly installed. I chose to only focus on tado as my whole solution

  • Tado has been very disappointing and now I am stuck with huge bills from electricians and plumbers in addition to the Tado gear.

    Why cant Tado understand that is is not replacing an old installation and there was nothing installed before! Every call with them is , please replace with what you had in the past! I had NOTHING as this is a completed house renovation and all I had was 3 walls!

    The electrician is refusing to come out as they are saying Tado are not offering any help and their manual is appalling and Tado are saying they cant help unless an engineer comes out. And I cant return the tado gear either.

    Cut the story short does anyone recommend an electrician plumber that has Tado , valiant , external hot water and UFH heating experience in London (Kingston area)

    I was a huge promoter of Tado .. Was !

  • Stuck in same boat... did you manage to get this sorted?

  • The same problem here!
  • Hey all yes we solved the issue as it was the cabling. But overall I am very disappointed with how slow it is to warm up the house ! It takes for every for a single radiator to warm up and it is not the pressure or the system boiler as they are both new and we have very good pressure
  • SunnyD
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    It would be interesting to know if the actuator in the smart radiator thermostats have limits to their open close function depending on the type of TRV used... could be the reason why heating is slower... less heat flow in pipes due to valve not opening fully... this would be a very wasteful thing to happen IF it is the case, as it would keep the boiler on longer for the house tom reach desired temps no?!

  • It takes for every for a single radiator to warm up

    Silly question but did you open both sides of the radiator valves? one side is where you installed the Tado Smart radiator valve... on the other side of the radiator there is also a valve that slows the flow down so not the make the radiator TOO hot to even touch. best to check that valve too if your not sure.

  • hi everyone, I bought the tado system and it is not true that it is easy or do it yourself...all the configurations and pairing, fine, but wiring??? that is dangerous. local electrician don't know how to do it.

    does anyone have any contact details for electricians that can instal this system? I am in Cambridge but I guess someone from London could also do it. thanks