2 zone setup

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Hi - looking for some clarity on how I can do this please.

I have the Ideal Atlantic boiler, Tado Extension Kit and 2 wireless smart thermostats. I have radiators round the house and underfloor heating in the kitchen split by a 2 port valve off the boiler to each set.

How can I control them independently and control the 2 port valve with this setup?


  • You cannot have two wireless thermostats in a Tado system. Your solution is to have the extension kit controlling one of the two-port valves and a wired thermostat controlling the second two-port valve.

  • Hello! There’s just one 2-port valve in the setup. The 2 port valve is just staying open. How do I get this being controlled as right now radiators and underfloor are on when I turn 1 zone on.
  • If you have just the one motorised valve then you cannot have two independent heating circuits. With one valve you will have a primary circuit that is fully controlled and a sub circuit that can be turned on/off, but only when the primary circuit is active.

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