Are sensors the same as thermostats??

I’ve ordered wireless smart starter kit+hot water control v3+ plus an additional 3 smart thermostats. The invoice I’ve received from Tado says wired smart thermostats which isn’t what I wanted but can’t find any wireless smart thermostats. Can anyone tell me is this the same as wireless temperature sensor add on for radiators?? I need help please.

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    Unless Tado have changed something recently it will work the same as a WTS. The WTS is a relatively new device. Previously customers had to buy the more expensive thermostat to use as an additional sensor.


  • A wired thermostat can be configured for wired or wireless operation. The wireless sensor is wireless only - there are no screw terminals to connects wires.

  • That’s good to know that’s I will have the option of wireless on the wired smart thermostat but is that the same as what an add on wireless temperature sensor add-on is??