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I've recently moved into a house that has a Vaillant Ecotec Plus 618 boiler with a VR66 control module with 2 zones (downstairs and upstairs). From looking at other forums i can see the VR66 isn't supported by Tado due to the eBUS controller however there are a couple of work arounds.

Has anyone on here installed the VR33 module on a similar boiler or set up the basic call to heat function that could offer some advise. At the moment i've brought an extension kit and 2 thermostats from the old house along with a few TRVs so would prefer to get something working with the kit i've got rather than looking at the vSMART stuff...



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    I have a Vaillant Ecotec Classic and I added a VR33 module myself. I set the Tado thermostat to 'D01', which works. The VR33 is on the left of the picture, where the red and blue wire to the room thermostat are connected.

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  • Ok thanks I might have a look at the vr33 option then. Do you know if you have a vr66 installed thatanageds the dual zones? If so was there anything you need to do with that other than getting the vr33 plugged into the boiler. Thanks
  • Sorry, but I do not have a VR66 installed that manages dual zones; only the Vaillant Ecotec Classic with the added VR33 module.

  • Have you managed to set-up the vr33 with your system boiler? If yes do you wire the vr33 to the vr66 or do you wire Tado directly into the the vr33 leaving the junction box untouched?

  • darksector26
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    Unfortunately not, I never was able to get it working correctly and tried pretty much all combinations. However I think that was related to dual zone issues as I was able to get it to control downstairs and hot water but lost upstairs control… A real faf…

    If you haven’t got dual zones then I think my config was vr33 into the boiler and then the tado to replace the thermostat in opentherm mode and that should work.

    If you are dual zone like me then the only way I could get it working (other than rewiring the system) was to plug a raspberry pi into the boiler and use Johns ebusd tool. Can’t find the article I followed but here’s the GitHub to his daemon: https://github.com/john30/ebusd

    That pi links with my home assistant server to allow me to control the boiler and then TRV in tado for the rest…

    Edit: typically found the article: https://fromeijn.nl/connected-vaillant-to-home-assistant/ He doesn’t make the board anymore however there was a couple of comments for people who do…