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I know nothing about heating and will try and get a heating engineer mate to sort this for me, but i have a question.

We recently moved into a new (old) house which has a wireless controller for the heating, connecting to an rf receiver. It also has an older wired controller, all three are honeywell. The wired controller sets the hot water timing, and the heating is set to continuous, and then time controlled by the wireless controller. This seems like a complicated set up.

I have the Tado receiver kit with the wireless smart thermometer, and my question is, where is the receiver box being wired to, and what is happening with the current rf receiver and the controller? Is the receiver replacing the rf recevier and the controller stays the same? Or does it replace both of those things? Does it get wired directly into the boiler and get rid of them both, or do you swap the wires over from one of the current things?

That's more than one question I realise...

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    Thanks, so I guess it will go where the current controller is? That's helpful thank you.


  • Tado will give you instructions for installation. They will likely advise to replace the old programmer with the Tado wireless receiver. This will allow Tado to control both CH & HW. The old thermostat goes in the bin. And they will probably instruct you to bridge the old RF receiver. The RF receiver was effectively an on/off switch. Bridging it will connect some wires together so the circuit is permanently on.