Heating on at full blast, even with heating on Smart Thermostat set to OFF

Hi There,

I have a Smart Thermostat being used as a Wireless Temperature sensor, and an extension kit for Hot Water control. No smart TRV's installed as yet.

Last weekend, i noticed that the house was 25 degrees when i got home, even though i have the schedule set up as 20.5 degrees max. I did a reset of my boiler (Worcester Bosch 24Ri) and all of the tado devices and then all seemed fine again for a week.

This weekend, the same happened again. The Boiler was firing and heating the house way past the set temperature, and even when the heating and hot water switched off via the app. The thermostat is receiving the commands just fine, as any time i change the temperature in the app, it shows as changing on the thermostat.

I've changed batteries in the smart thermostat, reset all tado devices, and hard power cycled the boiler, but when i switch the boiler back on, it fires up again even with Heating and Hot Water set to off.

Tado live chat asked me to lift the cover off the extension kit to see if that switched the boiler off, but it didn't, and they seemed to indicate i'd need a heating engineer to check the system. But given the various complaints about support i've seen, I'm keen to get a second opinion from any real world users.

Does anyone have any experience of what the issue is likely to be based of that description? Not too keen on having to heat the house when it's 20 degrees outside, just to get enough hot water for a shower! Shame as tado has worked well for me for 18 months, until now!


  • The way you have described this it’s NOT a TADO issue.

    Take a look at a possible faulty 2 port/ 3 port valve.

    If these valves go faulty they can bring the heating/boiler on regardless of your TADO (or any heating controllers) settings.
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