Can the radiator thermostats be fitted to all radiators?


I am having a new boiler installed. and I have a wireless Tado system. I have a gas combi boiler and 5 radiators. My plumber wants to know if it is okay for each radiator to have a Tado radiator thermostat attached or does one radiator need to be left without one so the system has somewhere to run off to.

Also, I have a wireless temperature sensor but don't know where I should put it if each of the radiators has its own individual control. Please can you help?


  • Best to leave one radiator with no valve (even a manual TRV)
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    A bypass valve provides a means to discharge the pressure should all of the radiators be turned off by the TRVs. Some combi boilers have them built in and some don’t need them at all. Your heating engineer needs to refer to the boiler manufacturer’s instructions which will clearly state if a bypass is needed. Not sure of your location but in the UK relying on a radiator to act as the bypass is no longer permitted for new installs.

    The wireless thermostat can be paired with one of the TRVs and will be the temperature sensor for the room. The TRV in that room will no longer measure temperature and will simply open/close its valve when directed by the room thermostat.

    The room thermostat is a more accurate at sensing temperature so I suggest it is installed in your main living space.

  • Thank you for your replies. My system is now working efficiently.