WB Greenstar 8000 System Boiler, Tado Bus Connection

Has anyone got a Tado to talk to the bus of a WB Greenstar 8000 life system boiler?

I’m replacing my heating system and have done a bunch of reading.

To achieve load modulation of the system boiler I believe I have to purchase the internal diverter system and plumb individual HW and CH flow and return piping to the boiler.

This according to WB tech would allow bus modulation of the boiler using their Easy Control interface, which looks ok but the TRV’s are a bit unsightly.

The Tado kit looks a lot nicer but has anyone got the bus talking to this particular boiler?


  • Hi, not sure if I’m answering your question but- I have this boiler (it was installed about 8 weeks ago) and it works with my tado thermostat and tado radiator TRVs. You lost me when you said “bus” so I’m not sure if this is what you were asking but hope it helps