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I’ve had a TADO thermostat for about a year now and it’s just not effective. We don’t have the radiator thermostats and I do wonder if it would ever be effective without them. I have it set to a temperature of 18 degrees from 7am to 11pm and then down to 15 degrees, at about 8.30 every evening it starts to feel cold and on checking the radiators have gone off but it definitely isn’t 18 degrees in the house, then the other day with multiple windows open and high temperatures the radiators are still pumping out heat! Can anyone please help?

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    1. Hey there @samd.......many thanks for your comment....but I must point out that I am in no way an "expert in most matters plumbing"......in reality I know my Tado system very well and how my Combi Boiler operates.....my system is extremely simple.....no multi zones etc.....9 Tado Rooms made-up with 1x Wireless Thermostat 1x Wireless Temperature Sensor and 10 Smart Radiator Thermostats 1x Extension Kit and the Bridge.

    2. @Snuggsy2016
    I strongly suspect that the Surveyor/Salesman who "surveyed" your home was keen to sell you the products of the company that he works for...it is extremely likely that he had no real idea of the operability of "Smart" central heating controllers. It appears that all that your system has is a Tado Thermostat replacing your
    "Non Smart" thermostat......this has not given you access to the benefits available from a "Smart" central heating system.
    My recommendation for you is to contact Tado Help/Installation and request a recommendation for "upgrading" your system. If you supply details of your current boiler and controller and thermostat(s) they will help you to decide what you want to do.
    The major advantage of a "Smart" central heating system is the ability to "only" heat the rooms that you need when you need them and each room can be set to individual temperature settings.

    I hope that this will help you to decide exactly what you want/need from your system.
    Good luck


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    @Snuggsy2016 What is the tado stat controlling? Is it wired to your boiler? Why are you unwilling to install tado TRVs please?

  • Hi @Snuggsy2016 ,

    The temperatures that you have programmed for your schedule seem to be very low if you're expecting your central heating boiler to be "firing" to heat your home.......

  • @samd I presume the tado stat is controlling the boiler switching on and off when necessary to either increase the central heating or decrease accordingly. It isn't that we are unwilling to install tado TRVs, just that we were told by the surveyor who came round to quote for the new boiler installation said it was not necessary.

  • @GrayDav4276 We recently reduced the temperature from 20degrees to 18 as it was just too hot with the heating pumping away constantly.

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    @Snuggsy2016 Which planet does your plumber reside on!!😉 Seriously, it would help to understand your home, rooms etc because the true benefit of tado and similar systems is that you only need to heat those rooms in use at different times and different temperatures and you need smart rad stats to do that properly. We have another helper on here (GrayDav) who is an expert in most matters plumbing and I'll try not to get in his way. I am sure there are significant improvements available to you.

  • Hi @GrayDav4276

    thank you so much for the advice and I did say to hubby I didn’t think the thermostat was of any use without the extras to go with it 🤦🏻‍♀️

    I will do some investigating for a contact for Tado help/installation advice on what we need 👍

  • @Snuggsy2016

    You're welcome 🤞
  • Hi @GrayDav4276
    Hope you don’t mind me coming back to you but we have now purchased TRVs and have installed them earlier on and set all radiators to the same at the moment at 18degrees to see how it faired but our room temperature in our Lounge is showing in the home screen as being at 26degrees, I dropped the temperature it is still pumping out the heat, what are we doing wrong please? TIA