OPENThem tado° Starter Kit: Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+

Hi, I've just purchased the wireless starter kit and was hoping to wire this via opentherm although I've just been doing some research and it seems this might not possible in the UK as the wireless receiver is different to the extension kit? Please could someone clarify this?

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    If you get the wireless receiver without the bus connector, it won’t work if you get the Euro wireless connector, it’ll be fine. The extension kit will have bus connections


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    What kind of system do you have?

  • I have a openthem compatible combi but I'm just unsure if the wireless receiver has the right connections as keep finding contradicting information on the Internet
  • So I'm guessing I can just purchase an extension kit? And use that with the tempature sensor? I'm hoping I will be sent the EU version. Thanks for your help. Can't believe tado don't mention this on their FAQs
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    The information is far from clear. A recent thread on here showed the wireless kit with no bus connections and that the first some of us knew. There are pics on the thread.

    Work on the basis the U.K. is a pain for Tado (due to S and Y plan). They seem to be assuming we don’t care for bus connections now too. At least you have bus and a combi.

    There was suggestion the extension kit is being dropped.

  • I received my Tado V3+ wireless programmer today and I can confirm the UK version does not have BUS/Opentherm connections! Very annoyed with this so im off to get an extension kit from screwfix!
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    What a nuisance. I can’t understand why they have done this.

  • "Very annoyed with this so im off to get an extension kit from screwfix!"

    Did you get the EU extension kit?

    Tado said to me

    "Vitodens 100-W B1KF is compatible with tado°. tado° can be connected with this boiler to either an OpenTherm or a Relay interface, however, it cannot work on Viessmann Plus BUS interface. You will need 1 x Starter Kit - Wireless Smart Thermostat V3+ for the EU market (the UK version doesn't have an option to control digital interface)."