Duplicate devices in the Google Home app


Been using tado for a while and haven't had any issues with the app or system, however ever since connecting my tado account to Google Home our devices show up twice in the Google Home app.

This was fine at first as it was only one thermostat but recently we've added a smart radiator thermostat and plan on adding more and each tado device shows up twice in the Google Home app which is inconvenient, taking up space in the home app and on smart displays, and also means that whenever we ask the google assistant for the temperature it reads each thermostat twice (a total of 4 times) which is quite annoying.

I've tried removing the tado account from the Google Home app but when I re-add it, it adds back the duplicated devices. These devices don't show up in the tado app, only Google Home.

Here is a screenshot of my Google Home app, showing how the main home thermostat is duplicated, although the controls are the same. This happens for all tado devices only.

Looking for any ideas or help on how to fix it, any help is appreciated.


  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Don_b Long shot but could it be something to do with the fact that you have not allocated your tado devices to a room? 'Home' being a subordinate of 'Home'? Sorry - just a wild guess.

  • @samd Don't think so, the tado devices that have been allocated a room do the same thing. Also in my case 'Home' is a room (although it doesn't make sense, I know). Other devices that haven't been assigned a room haven't been duplicated either.

  • cbd20
    cbd20 | Moderator
    @don_b just a guess, but is it possible you have two Google accounts linked to your Google Home and for some reason both have picked up the link to the tado account?