Two radiators in one room doesn't work well

I just got started with Tado. I have two radiators in one room. When the temperature is near the target, only one raditor is heating. The other is completely cold. While this may technically fullfill the requirements, it is far from ideal since it will heat up the room unevenly. I should note that when the room temperature is far below the target temperature, both radiators are heating just fine.

Why is this hapening? How can I ensure that both radiators are always heating at the same level?


  • Working on the assumption that both of these radiators are fitted with a Tado SRT.....check that both SRT's are allocated to the same Tado Living Room
    Also ensure that both SRT's have the same Zone Controller assigned to them. Also check that the SRT's are showing as "connected" in the App.
    Come back if you still need assistance.
  • balexandre
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    make sure they are all "green" 👇

    and make sure they are all set to the same room and that you have choose one to be the temperature controller 👇

    I also noticed that my radiators did not heat at the same level, and I can only assume that's because Tado only uses 1 of them to monitor the temperature, in other words, if it's "cozy" in that area, the other will switch off for example and be cold at touch... Though the full area is at normal temperature. If this is the issue, I can only suggest to raise 1 or 2 degrees (Celsius) and try to see in 5 minutes if the area was correctly adjusted...

  • Thanks for you replies. Everying is green. Both thermostats are set to the same room. Only one is designated as measuring device. The problem persists.

    The radiators are fairly close together. So I don't think there is a big difference in measured temperature between the two thermostats. With my old "dumb" thermostats, I did not have this problem.

  • @Per70,
    Try switching the "measuring device" to the other SRT as one area in your room may be a 'naturally' cooler area of the room.
    You could also add a Smart Temperature Sensor to the room and designate it as the "measuring device.....this will cause both SRT's to operate "as one"......I have this setup in my Living Room and it works well (for me)
  • Thanks for your reply. I will consider that. But I have my doubts for two reasons. First, the measuring device is actually on the "cold" radiator right now. Second, there was no problem with my old "dumb" thermostats. They were pretty much equally hot.

    Tbh I wonder if it's a more fundamental problem with how the thermostats work. When installing, I noticed that the calibration was really simplistic. It seems like the thermostat has no real idea about how much it actually opens the valve on the radiator. It just opens up more if temperature is too low and closes when temperature is too high. That probably works fine with only one radiator. But if the valve openings are quite different on the two radiators, this may not work well at all since they need to work more independently in that case. That's why my old "dumb" thermostats had no issue. I'm not sure if any of this makes sense. I'm just brainstorming.

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    @per some suggestions to try.

    1) Remove both SRTs and use a coin to depress the valve pin. Is the resistance and length of travel the same? Old valve pins can become stiff and sticky.

    2) Recalibrate each SRT.

    3) Swap the SRTs. Does the issue move with the SRT or stay with the radiator?

  • Thanks for you replies. I have changed the measuring device now. I will give it a day or two and see how that goes.

  • @Per70,
    Just to clarify the 1st point that @GrilledCheese2 made.....the "valve pin" in question is on the radiator TRV and not on the Tado SRT.