Valiant eBus with relay output

Hey there,

Will try to explain my set up and hopefully the problem.

I have a vaillant ecotec boiler and have been using the tado thermostat wirelessly and extension kit with ebus to the boiler. Works perfectly!!!

I would not like to add a second thermostat - but I need this one to control my underfloor heating in a different room. I would like this stat to use its relay output, but wirelessly communicate to the extension kit in order to maintain my ebus connection when firing my boiler.

Is this possible?



  • Montage
    Montage ✭✭

    I know the extension kit won’t support it. I expect the thermostat to be the same.

  • Official tado response:

    The proposed solution is possible, the wired Smart Thermostat would control your UFH zone (relay, on / off) and would be configurationally linked to the Extension Kit, I confirm.
  • Montage
    Montage ✭✭

    It would be good to post up how this will be configured.

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