Help! 2 Combi Boilers - What do I need?


I've recently moved to a mid victorian townhouse that has a Ravenheat combi boiler providing heat and hot water to the basement and ground floor, and another Ravenheat combi boiler that is providing heat and hot water to the 1st and 2nd floors. I've been looking at smart thermostats yo try and get better control over the heating and hopefully reduce my bills. Can someone please help me out with which Tado components I need to control the output from both boilers?


  • You will need a wired thermostat starter kit (includes internet bridge) and an add-on wired thermostat. If you need a wireless thermostat then buy the wireless thermostat with receiver starter kit. You can only have one wireless receiver per account, so at least one of your boilers will have to use a wired thermostat.

    If you want to control individual radiators you will need to buy smart radiator valves in addition to the above.

  • That's great. Thank you