Wireless Receiver + HW, LED status lamp

I wonder if someone could clarify the indications from the wireless status indicator on the receiver.

I recently had some difficulty with the latter when it stopped responding to commands from the app. I noticed the status lamp was pulsing slowly and despite a power down / up it continued to do this.

The Manual for Professional Installers at https://www.tado.com/start/manuals/st/Wireless%20Smart%20Thermostat%20Incl.%20Programmer%20with%20Hot%20Water%20Control%20Manual.pdf states "Solid on indicates succesful pairing" and this was what I was looking for.

However, the support article at https://support.tado.com/en/articles/3458303-what-do-the-blinking-states-on-the-extension-kit-indicate says "Slow pulsing/breathing: The Extension Kit is operating normally."

When the receiver was showing slow pulsing again this morning it was still not operating properly. A further reboot restored the steady status of the lamp and, I think, all is now well.

Could anyone advise about the conflicting information above ?

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  • GrayDav4276
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    Do you have a "Wireless Receiver" or an "Extension Kit"........I think that the articles are for different Tado devices....an Extension Kit only has 1 LED lamp and the Wireless Receiver has 4 (I think).

    An Extension Kit's "normal" operating display is a slow pulsing display.....commonly described as " breathing"

  • @GrayDav4276

    Ah, you're absolutely right, I should have been looking at this article: https://support.tado.com/en/articles/4511179-what-do-the-leds-and-blinking-states-on-the-wireless-receiver-mean which confirms the normal state is a steady lamp. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.

    Clearly then a "breathing" wireless LED on the Wireless Receiver indicates an abnormal condition but I've not been able to find a reference to exactly what it is. I should imagine it indicates loss of connection with the Bridge but the app. did not show this when it was happening.