Why is there a 10 zone limit for extention kit when it says that 25 TRVs can be supported?

Tado somehow has a 10 room limit, so the 11th TRV onwards just becomes a dumb TRV. This limit seems un-necessary and the 25 TRV claim also seems misleading.

I bought 16 TRVs and now 6 are sitting stupid. Have to start calling my friends whom I had recommended Tado just before realizing this limit :(. This is a deal breaker!


  • The limit is 25 devices, so can be a mix of temp sensors and SRT. Plus some larger rooms will have multiple radiators. In practice I doubt anyone uses all the rooms exclusively one at a time. Most people combine rooms that have similar usage. You’ll also discover that the app does not make it easy to manage lots of schedules.

    Tado have previously made a brief comment on why the limitation exists.

  • Thanks for the answer. I know of 100% of the users who hit this limit. Any decent size house will have more than 10 zones and unless Tado wants to serve lower end of the market, they should really remove this limitation. This will help them get truly unbeatable.

    Being a techy, I also do not understand a firmware imposed limit, unless commercially driven. I would have understood if there was some hardware limitation.

    Finally, the comment about "we are better than competition and take a hike" does erode a good bit of confidence from the company that I was so far impressed with.

  • Rob2
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    Apparently the firmware was programmed with these 10-room and 25-device hard limits and according to the servicedesk people this is "very difficult to change".

    (of course they reply that to almost every request for changes in software... I think the main reason is that there is no development team at Tado, so ANY software change is difficult. all programming is still done by the original founder who made the original software, and now is one of the top 3 people in the company and has little time left for programming)

  • @AndyJain “Any decent size house will have more than 10 zones”.

    Perhaps it’s more accurate to write “more than 10 radiators”. My own home has nineteen radiators but I don’t choose to divide it into lots of zones. It would be a waste of money due to part load efficiency. The minimum output of my modern modulating boiler is 5.5KW, but my largest radiator is only rated at 1.7KW. To continually run the boiler with mismatched loads is energy inefficient and potentially shortens the life of mechanical components.

    If you’re on a district heating system then it’s a different ball game.

  • Thanks again, for the answers. However, I see that the boilers have a way to regulate and go into saving mode when they see the heating needs are lower than that generated. I do see what you are trying to say, but that does not justify the limitation. My home has 16 radiators and 14 zones.