Blink Display TRV not working


Out of my 9 TRVs , 2 of them (They are all on firmware 79.1) will not blink while I click on the "blink display" in app or web. They seem to work ok just seem unresponsive when I click on Blink Display or Child lock. Does anyone else experienced this?



  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭
    Hi @Wyclef77, I had this problem with one of mine - it either wouldn't blink at all or did so after a significant delay.

    In my case it turned out that the radiator thermostat was right on the edge of the signal range, and I saw in the graphs that it did start to show connection drop outs.

    Moving the bridge to get a solid connection resolved the issue and the blink display function now works instantly. This might be the first thing to try.
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