How do I remove a device so I can start over.


I’m hoping someone can help. I started an installation of the extension kit which was then referred to the technical department. They were not able to help as they felt it was too complicated. I now have a system boiler directly connected to a Honeywell thermostat which works fine.It is a simple system where the boiler only controls the heating with no zone valves.

All I want to do is re-install the extension kit but when inputting the details for the extension kit I get an error stating that the device is already registered. I have contacted the technical department who have stated that a reset has been done.I have retried but still get the message stating that the registration has failed as the device is already registered.

I cannot find a phone number to contact them and the email communication is very slow.

So far rubbish customer service.


  • Germán
    Germán | Admin
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    Hello MAK,

    I could see that our installation team is already in contact with you and they're working in preparing your specific installation instructions. Please contact them back if you have any update or further question before they come back to you with your instructions.



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