Worcester boiler - will it work?

I just had a Nest installation fail because it was incompatible with my Worcester boiler.

Do Tado thermostats have the same compatibility issues?

I am reluctant to pay another installation fee only for it to fail.


  • @Paul1234567890

    Nest only supports two types of boiler control. It supports the lowest common denominator which is 'call for heat' and the v3 Nest also supports 'OpenTherm'.

    However in most countries Worcestor Bosch (and Vailiant) only support the eBus protocol and both have their own proprietary versions of eBus.

    Tado is unique is supporting all three control modes i.e. 'call for heat', OpenTherm and eBus however Vailiant have recently changed their boiler controller and this has also changed the eBus commands they use. As a result Tado have not yet managed to add support for the latest Vailiant VR66 controller.

    The Netherlands appear to require boilers be supplied with OpenTherm support so in the Netherlands if you buy a Worcester Bosch or Vailiant boiler they come fitted with a module which translates the eBus commands to and from OpenTherm commands. This module is made by the respective boiler manufacturers but at least with regards to Vailiant if you buy one and even if it is fitted by a certified Vailiant engineer it will still be considered to invalidate your warranty even though it is their own genuine part.

    So to summarise - yes Tado should work with your Worcester Bosch boiler and this is because Tado support eBus unlike Nest.

    Disclaimer: I do not work for Tado, you might want to double check compatibility of your exact boiler model with them.

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