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I will be changing my old Potterton Netaheat conventional boiler for an Ideal Logic heat only condensing boiler. I've tried following the guide in settings to get to choosing the instructions for installation of his boiler but it doesn't seem to work. What is the best way of doing this and is the changeover likely to be straightforward? I'm not installing the boiler myself but did install the original smart thermostat, bridge and extension kit.

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    You don’t need to re-install the Tado system for your new boiler. Your old Potterton will be using relay mode where the boiler is started by a switched live input, and it will be the same for your new boiler. In the Care & Protect section of the App you can edit the brand/model of boiler - that’s all you need to do.

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    Ok. Thank you for that.


  • Well it didn't go well. The electrician from the CH Company seemed to find it all a bit too much although he assures me it is all wired in correctly. The heating is working but the HW section of the app has disappeared. Any ideas?

  • As above but despite appearing to be paired (slow pulse light on Extension Kit (mk1) the third light (link) on the bridge continues to flash. Could the CHonly be running direct from Tado room stat so Extension Kit isn't actually paired hence no hot water app?

  • So I have solved some of it myself with the help of other areas of this forum. I've found I needed to configure the settings from the installer menu in the room thermostat and select the right options for a Y-Configuraton and fully pumped system. At the moment everything seems paired and the link light on the Bridge stopped flashing overnight. The HW aicon has reappeared on the app and I think it turns the boiler on but possible not the pump and "off" didn't seem to turn the boiler off. So further investigation needed but progress made.

  • I have now resolved all of the issues I believe but time will tell !

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