Installation of Tado kit

Hi all. I purchased a Tado wireless heating control with hot water quite some time ago and have been struggling to find someone to fit it. I’ve been let down by 2 different electricians now who I can only presume don’t want to do it, or are just plain unreliable. 

I know Tado suggest that it can be done by the user, but I don’t think my setup is DIY friendly... I have a 2 zone heating system (upstairs and downstairs each with own thermostat control). However, the Tado kit comes with a control module/ box which is placed locally to the boiler, whereas my existing Heatmiser controls directly control the boiler from their locations via hardwired connections; there is no control module - just a Honeywell junction box with lots of electrical cables (presumably from the two thermostats and to the Honeywell valves which open and close the 2 heating zones plus hot water feed to the heating cylinder. (I have a WBosch oil boiler linked to pressurised cylinder in my cellar). 

Any suggestions of what to do - am I right to be looking for an electrician, or is it more a job for a plumber, or perhaps specifically a heating engineer?


  • I would look for a plumber. Heating engineer is better, but hard to find in my experience in U.K.

    You have S Plan Plus by the sounds of it. Not rocket science and a plumber that’s ok with heating (usually Gas Safe ones) should be just fine. It’ll all be switched live, so again quite simple stuff.

  • Hi. I have no idea what S plan plus is, but hopefully a plumber will like you say. I’ll look for a heating engineer, but plumber if not. I’d previously been quoted £288+ vat by a ‘smart tech’ electrician. Does that sound expensive to you?

  • It does, it I often think that about jobs I could do myself. See if you can get a quote from Tado to get it installed, for comparison.

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    The problem is probably not "how to electrically connect it" but more "how to configure it to work correctly in this complex installation".

    When you hire an electrician, they may be able to connect all the wires, but when they do not know the Tado system in detail they may fail to configure it properly.

    That may send you in a rabbithole as seen in other postings on this forum for a similar situation where the user ended up in a fruitless chat with the servicedesk that never resulted in a working system.

    (problem with the servicedesk chat is that they read your question, ask some questions in return, and when you answer those it is taken up as a new case by a new person who looks at your answers, asks different questions. after 2 or 3 rounds you end up in a loop where the same questions are asked again and again and the issue is never resolved)