Smart AC Control Dry Mode



I wonder if anyone could kindly confirm the options available when using 'Dry Mode' on their app. I can only turn the mode on or off - the options to control fan speed and set temperature suddenly disappear. I'm curious if this is normal or specific to certain AC models.

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  • Hi,

    On my Fujitsu AC unit you cannot control the fan speed but the option for temperature is there. It's the same as when using the IR remote for the AC and defined in the AC's specs.


  • Hi AJ,

    Many thanks for your helpful reply. Coincidentally, I also have a Fujitsu AC. With my current setup, I can only toggle Dry Mode on and off - I can't set the temperature (which seems to be necessary for the mode to work). I'm curious if you got your Tado to work with it out of the box, or if you needed to contact support to help you?

    Thanks again,