What to buy: Separate hot water timer, 2 zone/2 thermostats heating

Dear all,

I have hot water running from a timer (Danfoss TS715Si).

Then in one level of the house, a switched/wired thermostat (Danfoss TP5000Si).

And in a second level of the house, a second switched/wired thermostat (also Danfoss TP5000Si).

What should I buy?

  • Smart Thermostat kit with Hot Water. Is the thermostat wired? Is it possible to turn off the CH switched live on the extension kit or what do I do with it (since I only need hot water).
  • 2x Wired Smart Thermostat (Add-on)?



  • The thermostat in the wireless receiver kit is only a wireless temperature sensor. The receiver unit is switching the live for the HW and one CH circuit. This starter kit won’t work for you without some re-wiring. Owing to your current timer being hot water only you will need two wired thermostats to replace the Danfoss programmable thermostats. If you purchase a standalone receiver unit or the old extension kit you should be able to use it to control the hot water with the CH relay disabled. Worth checking with Tado.

    Initially you could buy a wired starter kit and an additional wired thermostat, set it up for CH control and keep the TS715 for hot water control. Later purchase the appropriate kit to get HW control. To be honest the hot water scheduling is not very smart. For instance, if you schedule a 1 hour slot and you’re away from home then the hot water, as expected, does not heat up. Come home later and the system won’t dynamically adjust the 1 hour slot to give you hot water on arrival. You just come home to a cylinder of cold water.