Is my current setup compatible with tado ?

Dear all,

I have a Siemens RDE100.1DHW thermostat. I use this to control my heating system and also have independent control to hot water (DHW).

I want to replace it with a tado system. I believe the Wireless Smart Thermostat starter kit is the appropriate one due to separate DHW.

My present thermostat works with batteries but I can add a 230V power supply cable in order the tado wireless receiver to work.

a) Do you think that this tado kit is compatible with my thermostat?

b) How exactly should I connect the cables in the wireless receiver in order to work?

Thank you in advance !!!


  • Hi,

    The compatibility is linked to your boiler not the stat but the answer to your question is almost certainly yes.

    The answer may be on the official support site although I'd recommend asking directly on the tech support chat - click the yellow icon bottom right on this page

    The Tado app guides you through installation step by step once you've bought the product however there are PDFs for professional installers. The PDF for the main extension kit (that wireless devices request heat via) is here


  • Hi,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I received this answer from tech support:

    "This room thermostat, RDE100.1 DHW, has 2 potential free relays, and if there are wires connected to both relays of the thermostat, as in your case, it is incompatible with tado°. If only central heating is connected, then it is compatible."

    So I guess I should wait for a future support..