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I was a fairly early adopter of Tado and system probably about 5 years old now. It works great but I am getting a new boiler soon and was thinking of taking the opportunity to control my study separately to the rest of the house as it gets very hot in the winter if the sun comes out. It has a conventional thermostatic radiator valve but that just seems to work like turning it up or down (and virtually on or off) all the time. Can I fit a single Tado TRV and just set a separate room temperature? Is it that straightforward or do I need more hardware? I have this wired Smart thermostat RU1601FT01053986489856 Firmware: 54.20, an extension kit and a wireless bridge,

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    You can purchase the one TRV and it will be compatible with your existing equipment. Note that there are two ways to configure the TRV to operate.

    1) The TRV can ask the Zone Controller (smart thermostat) to switch on the boiler to heat up the radiator when the room temperature is below target.

    2) The TRV cannot directly request the boiler to turn on. It will only get heat when the main thermostat decides the rest of the home needs heat.

    When using a single TRV option 2 might be the better choice. With option 1 you risk the rest of the home overheating because the rooms without smart TRVs get heated whenever your study needs heat. If your study is usually warmer than the rest of the home then option 1 may work without any problems.

    You can easily switch between the two options in the app, so possible to evaluate both without involving input from customer support.

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    You would have two independent schedules, so yes you can have the lounge at 22°C while the study is at 20°C or lower.


  • Thanks. What are the main advantages, if any, over a conventional TRV in this scenario?

  • The main advantage is that you can limit the amount of time in a day your study is heated and potentially get better control of the temperature. What you cannot do with one smart TRV is only heat the study without heating the rest of the home.

  • Thanks again. There would be two control points in reality. The main Tado Smart thermostat wall mounted in the lounge controlling the universal temperature and the Tado TRV in the study. If the lounge was set for 22C and the TRV to 20C would this mean the TRV would close if required independently to give the lower temperature? That's what I want it to do.

  • Thank you. That's what I had hoped and expected it would do.

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