I'm about to get a Air-to-Air heat pump... will it work with Tado?

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I'm moving to a new house, I'm used to the smart thermostat but where I'm going there's a new garage with space for a big office where I will install a heat pump.

As I still have to buy it and ask to be installed, I was wondering, why not get one that works seamlessly with Tado now, rather than trying to get help to make it work later...

Is there any list of heat pumps, like from Mitshubishi/Panasonic, that work well with Tado that I can check?


  • @balexandre

    I am considering replacing an old traditional gas boiler which only does relay switching aka 'call for heat' control with an Air Source Heat Pump. I did therefore contact Tado about support for these.

    I am looking at the Daikin Altherma range. Tado said yes they support it. By implication they will also support other brands of Air Source Heat Pumps.

    What I do not yet know is if (any) Air Source Heat Pumps use OpenTherm or eBus over relay switch aka 'call for heat' control. I also don't know if the modulating control offered by OpenTherm and eBus is applicable to Air Source Heat Pumps.

    If you know whether Mitshubishi/Panasonic Air Source Heat Pumps support OpenTherm that would be helpful.