Smart Thermostat disconnects multiple times a day - works again when I pull batteries

I have a problem on one of my Tado systems:

Several times a day/night the Smart thermostat becomes disconnected from the system.

The bridge is fine and stays connected all the time.

This means we are constantly waking up in baking conditions as the boiler runs on full blast all night.

I would add my complaint to the many existing complaints, that the tado system should failsafe against this as it could be dangerous,but I understand that Tado do not listen to customers problems or add new features anymore.

Sometimes it reconnects after a few minutes.

I can reliably force it to reconnect by removing the batteries and reinserting them.

The Bridge is working fine, my internet connection is perfect, the batteries are new -

I can't work out what's wrong - has anyone experienced similar?

Firmware for this Smart Thermostat is: V85.1

I have another Tado system that is working OK - the firmware on that Smart Thermostat is: V54.2


  • I figured out a really hacky fix for this:

    DISCLAIMER - For legal reasons I am NOT doing this ;) - to avoid voiding waranties/TOS etc.

    But here's what I WOULD do if I wanted a temporary fix - DO NOT DO THIS:

    Remove Smart Thermostat batteries.

    Hardwire a 4.5v DC power supply to battery terminals and squeeze the wire behind the thermostat and patress box.

    Plug the DC power supply into one of those old rotary 24hr timer switches.

    Set the timer switch to usually ON then OFF for the shortest increment every hour, then ON again.

    This would cut the power to the stat once an hour, forcing it to reboot.

    I would now have a Smart Thermostat that recovers from faliure once an hour and comfortable heating.

    No more runaway Boiler-ON-All-Night-Disaster / Boiler-OFF-Pipes-Freeze-Disaster

    If I WERE to do this I would consider it safer than having a system that leaves the boiler on set to max,

    or off set to burst pipes, for weeks while I am away from the property!