Guests keep twisting Tado units off of valve base

We are using Tado in a couple of short term rentals and are running into the issue of guests that are not familiar with modern thermostat valves. The delicate 'twist at the tip' method of adjusting the heat is not intuitive to some, and they tend to grab a handful and twist, disconnecting the unit from it's mounting base/bracket.

I am considering 53mm dia hose clamps with a rubber lining to better secure the unit to the mounting base, however though I first check here on the forums if anyone has already solved this issue with a more elegant solution.

Electric shock pads on the non-twisty parts? Waste of energy. Glue on some cut up glass shards? Though of that, but too much blood. Other than that, I am all ears. Ideas, anyone?


  • tulloch
    edited May 2021

    Maybe wrap a strip of something like 3m Dual lock around the part that rotates? Very grippy and a visual message to boot.