Master thermostat (Wired) does not communicate with any other device, yes or no?

I have invested in Tado a fair bit, wired Thermostat, Water extension kit, 12 TRV's, plus 2 x Wireless Thermostats. one of the Wireless Thermostats is in my bedroom controlling 2 x radiator valves and the other in my living room with 3 x radiator TRV's

My issue seems to be unless the main thermostat tells the boiler to power up the rest are just dumb slaves and I mean really dumb going through a routine of on or off with no communication with the master thermostat to start the boiler.

If I set my bedroom to 25 degrees lets say, the app says the 3 bars for heat are on in that room, but as the wired thermostat is not at the required temp (or in that room) to turn on the boiler no boiler kicks in or offers heat. so in effect none of the valves speak to the main thermostats and says power on buddy, I need some heat, they just say if the heat is on I will give you heat, if its off I will still work buy nothing else will happen.

Is this right, does this mean I have to set my hall (wired thermostat room) to on 100% of the time to get some heat in other rooms, in effect the rest is worthless unless my hall is cold.

or have I configured this wrong?



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    Hi @Blithespirit I think it may be due to how the zone controllers are configured in the app.

    I'm taking a guess here, but as you say you have the extension kit, I assume that replaced a programmer/ timer of some sorts?

    In which case, if you go into the app, and click settings, then Rooms and Devices. Now, click on a room name. At the bottom you can specify a zone controller. My guess is if you click the room that has the main wired thermostat, it's zone controller is probably set to be the extension kit. In other words, the thermostat can tell the extension kit to fire the boiler.

    You need to set the other rooms to have the same zone controller so that they have the ability to independently call for heat.

    Hope this helps.
  • That sounds like a really plausible answer so I checked. The extension is already the zone controller on all my rooms, in fact the Wired thermostat is not availed as an option. The water heats as requested and heating fires if the Wired thermostat asks, just nothing else. It’s a good place to start exploring though.


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    @Blithespirit Did you read this article?

    It is not possible for a tado Smart Radiator thermostat to send a heat request signal to the Smart Thermostat AND the Extension Kit/Wireless receiver.

    Each tado "slave" can only call heat from one "master" (also known as heat source controller in the app).

    The best way to do it is to remove the zone valve entirely. And then the Smart Radiator Thermostats can call for heating from the Extension Kit directly.

    A simple way to do this is to permanently connect the NO and COM wires in your smart thermostat together (this will permanently open the zone valve).

    Just be sure to check that:

    1. The zone valve can handle being open permanently.
    2. The boiler can still be turned OFF by the Extension Kit.
  • Blithespirit
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    I think I understand Jurian, even though the smart thermostats is not listed as a zone controller (I only see the extension kit), if I set the smart thermostat to NO then the rad valves will control the extension and not the smart thermostat, that would make sense and is possible.

    so technically the heating will be on full time but the boiler will not be fired