Turn Off All Rooms?

So it's summer, we want to turn off the heating till winter...Great we have Turn Off All Rooms button in the app? Wrong - try it and then turn a valve for a manual boost (on a cold night for example). Rather than 1 hour boost like I have it set in the app to do, it stays on forever, until turned off in the app, constantly running the boiler, which I find absolute madness and quite worrying.

Raising this with Tado support they tell me this is correct. To turn off for winter, they say switch every rooms schedule to off! What a joke...

Is it just me that that thinks this wrong and an inconvenience to have to adjust every schedule (9 rooms, and 2 houses) to turn off for winter? Tado said to post here if I felt it was wrong and needs addressing, thoughts?


  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    The whole schedule system needs a big overhaul! It needs more than 3 schedules, more like arbitrary day schedules that can be linked to days, dates, ranges of dates, etc. People want to set temperature schedules for a life that is not aligned to weekdays.

    Also the schedules should not have to be independently configured for all the rooms, but rather there should be possibilities for grouping rooms to use the same schedule (but still have independent control).

    Unfortunately Tado is getting more and more behind. They started with a nice first development of software, but then instead of improving and extending from there, everything basically came to a halt and only very minor changes are being made.