App says Wireless Receiver isn't connected

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The app/website says my wireless receiver is disconnected. I checked the lights on it and I have steady white lights for the power and wireless. The bridge has all three lights on and steady.

Held the main button down for 10 seconds to restart the wireless receiver. Still didn't show as connected in the app. Triggered pairing on the bridge, triggered pairing on the wireless receiver. Lights all go steady to indicated paired but the app still says otherwise. Turned the bridge off and on again. Still the same result.

I have also uninstalled / reinstalled the app on my phone in case it just got stuck but the website persists in saying that the wireless receiver is not connected even though the lights say otherwise.

What other troubleshooting should I do, I seem to have gotten to the end of the help articles (unless I missed one!). It has been working fine for about 6/7 months so far.


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  • fluffymitten
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    Well that's annoying. I spent three hours switching things off and on, waiting a good while inbetween tinkerings each time to give it all chance to get acquainted and what happens? The minute I admit defeat and post a question, it all syncs up and starts talking again.

    Glad it's resolved but I have no idea if it would have done that by itself or if I 'helped'.

    I really wish my landlady hadn't chosen this as an option some days. I seem to spend several hours a month maintaining the system.