[Feedback Request] Improvements to the Smart Schedule

Hi all,

In the next weeks, we will start working on improvements to the Smart Schedule.

We have some improvements in mind but we would be interested to get additional feedback from the community.

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  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    @jurian I think the ability to copy/ duplicate a schedule across days and zones is a must have feature, especially if you have many thermostats to set.

    I would potentially also be interested in the ability to have several schedules that we could switch between, e.g seasonal.

    However, I'd caveat that with only if it's intuitive and easy to use. I'd rather only have the copy/paste feature than something with loads of options that's overly complicated.
  • I agree that being able to copy schedules across similar zones, and days of the week, would be most useful. Seasonal schedules would also be helpful, even if set for standard 3 month blocks, e.g. summer could cover 1 June - 31 August for example.

    Now that we can turn off all rooms and resume all rooms easily, it would be possible to override any seasonal schedule, but it is still useful to be able to set a different profile for different times of year, especially because of the major difference in the number of daylight hours through the year (7 - 17 in the UK).

  • Pete
    Pete ✭✭✭
    I would like the schedule to be managed in zones. ie upstairs, downstairs.
    Each zone has multiple rooms.
    This way you would only need to configure two schedules.
  • johnbur
    johnbur ✭✭✭
    @Jurian I would like to see the schedules held separately as named templates, which you can then apply to individual rooms via a dropdown
  • I would like to see a 5:2 option in the Schedule Days option.

    So that would be the same schedule Monday to Friday.

    Then a 2nd schedule for both Saturday and Sunday.

  • having profiles would be amazing - it feels like an obvious requirement.

    I have heating set low in rooms that I do not use, when guests stay over for the weekend I have to hack the schedule to make sure they are wam enough in the morning and and night, then change it all back when they leave and repeat for the next visitor.

    Simply having a profile 1,2,3 for each room would be great. I have seen this mentioned elsewhere with regards to seasons, again this would be very helpful

  • With over 20 devices, I have to echo many of these comments

    Ability to copy schedules from one device to another would be a big time saver

    Switch profiles between rooms. When the kids come home, guests arrive or the mother-in-law come to stay, different rooms and different temperatures get called into service. These use/temperature changes are known and predictable, and it is a pain to re-program the Tado's over the house every time it happens

    Defining zones in schedule - for example you can have a temperature sensor that controls a mechanical zone valve for the upper and lower part of the house, but you cannot boost heat or turn off rooms within that zone with a single boost

    Defining minimum heat - when the unit disconnects from the bridge the heat is set to the last heat setting of the device. Logic says that in many cases to save energy, many rooms will be set to "off" for the majority of a 24 hour period and that the most likely "last" temperature setting for a room will be "off" that means that for the duration of the outage, the device would be off. That could mean that a room is unusable. So to bring it into service you have to bring in electric radiators etc. I would prefer to have a room too hot for a brief period than for it to be unusable or forced to bring in alternative heating.

  • A 2 week schedule would be nice. Or One week is profile 1, the other is profile 2

  • DavidViro
    edited November 2021
    Actívate schedules by device or add devices to schedules to stand by. I mean, If my kids are not at Home I should be able to stop heating their room until they arrive. The same with my office. Now devices activate the heating in the whole house if just one of us are at home, but I don’t use to get my kids’s room or they don’t go to my office. Thanks
  • I would like the schedule, for the boiler or airco to be activated or deactivated based on outside temperature (below or above).

    I have a airconditioning and boiler both used for heating.
    The airco heat is more efficient until the outside temperature drops below a certain temperature around freezing point.
    So I would like to set the
    airco heat off below 3 degrees outside
    And put the
    boiler heating on below 3 degrees outside

    When this is smartly programmed it can Also be used to swich between heating and cooling for the airco.
    Airco heat on below 19 degrees
    Airco cooling on above 24 degrees outside

    This is a very easy and efficient way of switching between heating and cooling with the air conditioning. And set priorities between heat sources based on outside temperature for more efficient heating.
  • schedule to resume to auto at next time event even after a change by homekit, at present if any change is made by homekit that value is constant until manual intervention.

  • Resolve or have the ability to turn off algorithm related to the PID issue where the heat is being called by the thermostat when it has reached and is showing a temperature above the set scheduled temperature e.g. scheduled temperature 19 Thermostat Temperature 19.3. Thermostat shows Temperature 19.3 and then Heating to 19. This is causing the boiler to fire unnecessarily, using up expensive gas and creating wear and tear on the boiler. Sometimes dumb is good when it comes to AI.

    Also would like the ability to set the drop in temperature below the scheduled temperature at which point heating kicks in e.g. currently if the temp drops by .1 the heating is called but I would like to set this to .5 or 1 degree. This will help stop the boiler from turning on and off so much.
  • I can see that copy-paste has been incorporated. Really copy-paste is not a good solution for many situations. Copy-paste mostly work if you have a blueprint that you copy to a thermostat to change it afterwards.

    What I would like is to have a pool of schedules (like the mon-fri, sat, sun). Then being able to conditionally attach a schedule to a thermostat based on some (i.e. a set of) "global" rules/settings for, in my case, the house. The simple rule is just an enumerated selection or a set of enumerations. Like selecting between "working home", "at the office", "wife at home". Of course it could be {"working home", "wife at home"} at the same time.

  • When I alter the boiler thermostat temperature manually, the only option I then have is to resume schedule manually, I press the pencil icon to change it but all I get is 'Until You Cancel'. it would be useful to have a 'resume at next change' option.

  • @heirpin when you select the pencil icon you should see the option “Until next time block” when you move the slider, which will give you what you want.

  • We really need at leat 2 sets of schedules.

    My kid’s rooms schedule are adopted to their school schedule (each is different), so tado won’t heat their rooms when they’re out. But when they are home sick or on holidays I need different schedule, I can adjust it but that would require me to configure it again when they’re back to school, which is pretty tedious work.

    Given the above I’d really like to see the sets of a schedules for easier switching.