Zoned? Sometimes works. Now stopped.


I have the wired extension kit to control HW and CH connected to a system boiler with cylinder. I have smart valves on every rad. A smart therm in downstairs zone and a wireless sensor in another zone.

I live in an old house that doesn't support 'true' zoned heating where zones are controlled by motorized valves to the different levels.

Instead I run the system always on and use the therms to switch radiators on and off, and also to call heat through the system.

All devices call on the zone controller (extension kit) to switch thing son and off

I am facing a couple of problems.

  1. I can't seem to control the HW independently. Technically I can switch it on and off but if I switch it on the water doesn't warm up.
  2. Since I installed the second wireless sensor and more TRVs in more rooms the system doesn't heat at all, so right now I have no heating or hot water...
  3. EDIT I just checked and the rads in the zone with the wireless sensor did warm up.

Everything is connected as far as I can see but nothing is warming up?

I have contacted support direcctly to see if there is something I have missed.