Confused about starter kits

Hi - planning to put Tado in when we extend the house shortly and start from scratch with heating system. Any help on what parts I need would be great:

  • Heating will hopefully be an air-source heat pump if we can make the budget work, otherwise probably a combi boiler. Either way I'll need a device to provide relay closure I assume to 'call for heat' for Heating, and potentially for hot water as well.
  • Most rooms are Radiators, I'll fit smart TRVs. This bit makes sense.
  • New areas are underfloor heating. Likely 2 or 3 zones. I presume I'll need another Tado device with a relay closure to control each valve? It looks like a Wired Thermostat is right for these?

I'm not clear which starter kit is best for me - wired or wireless. I don't think I need a seperate wireless thermostat as every room will either have TRVs or wired thermostats for the UFH zones - so do I get the wired starter kit, then add TRVs and Wired Thermostats for as many zones as I need?



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