New "Room Screen" Feedback

jcwacky ✭✭✭

For reference, here is the old screen:

And the new screen:

I didn't have any issues with the old screen but can see how the new screen makes it more obvious how to change the set temp, and removes a "tap" from the process.

However, I find the top of the new screen very cluttered and untidy:

  • The "Inside Now" temperature is ridiculously small and difficult to read.
  • The big slider in the middle changes the set temperature, but there is a huge gap between this slider and the set temperature value which removes the association between the two.
  • Adding the calendar icon next to the graph icon unbalances that top line and combined with the inconsistently sized gaps contributes to it feeling a bit clunky.

May I suggest something more like this mockup for increased clarity (not perfect but an improvement IMHO):

TBH just moving the set temperature so it's closer to the slider than it is to the "inside now" and "humidity" would really help.



  • I agree; I think the size of the current "inside now" and "humidity" numbers is now too small, and these should be more prominent. Also, the slider now showing on the room screen is a positive move, but does it have to be so long? I know that temperatures can be set in 0.5C steps, but the slider does fill over half the screen now.

  • I’m really enthusiastic about this nee Room Screen, especially changing the temperature now is much better.

    One comment on the timing of the next change: this used to be by default the next Time block, but now the default is 1 hour from now. Can you change this back to the next Time Block? I think most users will choose that. Or if not possible, can you make it such that it remembers the last selected period? It does that already during the day, but the next day it defaults to one hour again
  • Ditsy
    Ditsy ✭✭✭

    I tend to like smaller text on everything, so the fact that I feel this has been decreased too much is not a great sign. Surely this will be more difficult for anyone with sight impairments?

    The new slider doesn't need to be as long, and if it were moved to the left a slider could be added for the time. I found the old screen design infinitely more user friendly!

    Why can't we see the humidity at a glance on the room tiles?

    Given there was an update, why is the boost heating button still inaccessible without scrolling?