Hot Water Temperature Monotoring

Our project involves a house with 17 rooms fitted with 24 radiators throughout, most have now been fitted with Smart radiator thermostats and Smart Room Thermostats creating various zones around the house most rooms simply use the smart thermostat for temp reference but a few are used to switch zone valves with all working well since we began the renovation project and we expect to have all radiators included by the end of this year.

We are now looking at improvements for the hot water side of the heating system. Our system consists of a 30kw System Gas Condensing Boiler with a 210ltr mains pressure Megaflo water tank. As hot water accounts for/consumes approximately 30% of our heating energy we have opted for the seperate water tank rather than relying on a combination boiler for a number of reasons for instance we can heat the water tank via either Solar, log burner, gas boiler or mains electric plus there is also the possibility of a fault developing with the gas boiler well if we do have an issue we will still have hot water also solar and log is so much cheaper then Gas or Electric. We are now installing a solar controller that will utilise any surplus energy produced with the solar array to heat the hot water, however this will take a longer period of time to heat the water due to the capacity limitations of the solar array which is 4kw also the possibility of overcast days compared to sunny days as we do live in the North East of Scotland.

All the above sounds great but we have an issue to resolve which is "How can we monitor the temperature of the water within the hot water tank remotely". As we tend to get much more overcast than full sunshine days which will obviously have an impact on the heating of the hot water we will need to monitor the water temperature to ensure we have sufficient amounts on a daily basis. We are aware that we can simply set either the gas or the log burner to heat the water in the early evening for instance to bring the water temperature up to the required temperature which may or may not be required should the tank temperature be satisfied/not satisfied from the solar array. Therefore are there any components within the tado range that can accommodate this such as a Smart Room Thermostat with a remote sensor that could be attached to a copper pipe. Also I think Tado should consider a smart relay fitted with DP contacts (1NO + 1NC) rated at 13amp, 16amp or 20amp to allow other items out with the heating system to be controlled remotely should such an item have been available it would have been ideal to control our outside lights etc where we have had to add another system to accommodate this.

Therefore basically I am looking for

A smart thermostat that I can properly attach to a pipe which can be viewed/controlled remotely

A Smart relay capable of being controlled remotely

Best Regards