Heating a single room only with Opentherm

Hi all,

I'm new to Tado, just have my system installed. I can control all the radiator thermostats in the different room, my Opentherm heater works, all seems to work. I have my living room with the smart thermostat and 3 radiator thermostats, and several other rooms with only radiator thermostats. Heating the living room works well, but if I try to heat another room only (living room not needing to heat up because it is already warm enough), the heating doesn't switch on. The only way to heat any room in my home is to heat up the living room as well.

I assume I'm doing something wrong here, the reason to have a multi room setup is to be able to heat individual rooms. Any ideas? did I miss a setting somewhere in the app or in the thermostat itself?




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