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Hi - so if you’ve seen any of my older posts, I’ve selected Tado for all the rooms in my house.

I’ve had some problems with the controller but have have finally got a plumber / Electrician her from Monday to look at that.

In the meantime I have installed all 14 TRVs and 3 WTS around the house with no problems. The WTS are controlling the TRVs no issue. However - in the app - all but one of the rooms show that there is no remote access?!

All of the individual items are connected and running as expected (they are effectively only working as dumb TRVs as without the controller they can only operate when the boiler is on for heating via the old programmer).

I had assumed that this was something due to the controller not being connected, but I’ve moved one of the WTS today into a new room (kitchen) and this is now connected to 2 TRVs in The room - and showing in the app as connected?!

What’s going on!!

The bridge is in the kitchen, but under rooms and devices, every bit of hardware shows good battery and connected to bridge - so whay are none of the other devices working as the kitchen is??

Help please!


  • I’ve also noticed that all of the Firmwares are different across the Hardware? But if the devices are connected then surely these should have updated?
  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    Hi @damianparker if you open the app and select Settings -> Rooms & Devices. Then click a Room Name (not a device) and scroll to the bottom, you should see the assigned Zone Controller.

    If the assigned Zone controller is your currently disconnected/ not fully functioning controller, then any room reliant on it will show the "No Remote Access" error.

    The reason being is that you can't actually command them to do anything as they can't send the command onto the zone controller as it's not online.

    Once the controller is up and running those errors will disappear.
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