First move into smart home device

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I've not taken the plunge with smart devices for home automation, but I am hoping that will change soon!

I am in the UK, and have a Vaillant ecotec Pro 24 (combi), with a single thermostat (programmable) for heating.

I'm initially just looking at tado (wired) as a straight swap, literally to turn on/off on demand, just giving me the ability to use my phone to remotely control the heating.

I'm a bit confused though - if I use the wired thermostat, is there any need for the extension kit or the relay? If not, can I use the thermostat in the future with opentherm boiler, or would that require further kit? (I have read about the potential to add a VR33 module to my current boiler, though its not supported in the UK market)

I don't think I'm asking a particularly difficult question, but if anyone can give me a simple response, that'd be much appreciated.

Edit: I am considering the rad TRV's as an addition in the future too - is there anything else I need to be aware of before I jump in?!

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