100% savings with Tado°

rafm5 ✭✭✭

It is summer (or at least in theory) so Tado° is off.

I am not sure how does this work, but:

  • claiming 100% savings (estimated) compared to a traditional thermostat is too much of a statement.
  • users with Auto-Assist save on average 1.5 times as much (over 100% ?) is even better (should my energy supplier pay me back or something? xD)


  • Hey @rafm5

    These Tado "statements" only illustrate that Tado uses SWAG (scientific wild arse guess) to produce their totally meaningless and inaccurate comments.

    I have been a Tado user for over a year now........and Tado stated that I had made a saving of over 40% over the year.......How can Tado say that as Tado do not have access to my previous annual usage......but I do......and Tado did not produce a "significant" reduction in my gas usage......mainly due to the fact that I am very careful and frugal in my use of my central heating system.

    This just confirms to me that many of the claims that Tado make regarding the savings that are produced by using Tado, are nothing more than "pie in the sky" or to put it another way "smoke and mirrors"