Can't add Smart AC Control to Apple Homekit


I can‘t add the Smart AC control to Apple Homekit. It’s connected to the internet and the tado app is working perfectly, but every time when I try to add it to Homekit I get the message: ‘’Couldn’t add Accessory. This accessory isn’t compatible with your Wi-Fi router’’

Please help.


  • Michael
    Michael | Moderator


    The cause of the problem is often that there are 2 WIFI networks. A 5 Ghz and a 2,4 Ghz network. Our Smart AC control will only connect with the 2,4 Ghz network, so it’s possible that your IOS device is connected with the 5 Ghz network and therefore isn’t able to find the Smart AC control.

    The best solution is to make sure that your IOS device is connected to the 2,4 Ghz network.

    You can read more about it in the link below:

  • I too have this problem. Am using an Eero WiFi system, which does not allow you me to specify 2.5/5ghz networks. It’s mesh and broadcast as a single network and frequency. Such complexity is abstracted away. This must be a very common thing today.

    Is there no other solution? Without being able to add HomeKit support I’m going to have to return my Tado unit.

  • There appeared to be no resolution as far as I could see, so I returned it. Shame such a silly road block ruined my experience with an otherwise decent product. I can’t understand why you’d corner yourself in technologically like this? I have other HomeKit products that only have 2.4ghz radios in them (it’s cheaper to manufacture), yet are capable of being added to HomeKit under the same conditions.