Separate heating controls for upstairs & downstairs (with 1 combi boiler)?

Hello. I'd like to install smart controls to my current heating system (with an existing combi boiler) that will allow for separate temperature controls for upstairs (an office) and downstairs (a flat). Could I use Tado and Tado TRVs to do this? The combi boiler is downstairs. I would like 2 zones (these would have to be 'virtual' zones as there is 1 plumbing system shared by upstairs and downstairs, with no separation by valves). Zone 1 would contain 5 upstairs radiators with Tado TRVs, controllable from the app, independently of the downstairs radiators (currently the upstairs radiators have conventional TRVs). Zone 2 would contain 6 downstairs radiators, ideally controlled only manually with a manual thermostat (not via Tado App); currently the downstairs radiators have no TRVs at all.  Has anyone tried this type of set-up with Tado? Many thanks!