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Every time I launch the app I always see the message “no remote access”! I only have one internet bridge and the wireless receiver connected to control my hot water. The bridge and the receiver are literally no more than 10ft apart through walls, so what is the issue!? WiFi coverage is exceptional in this part of the house.


  • Are there any technical support people from Tado who actually monitor these forums?
  • cbd20
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    Hi @Spyder66, some tado staff do monitor this forum and occasionally respond but the majority of advice you'll receive will be from other tado users.

    In terms of the problem you're experiencing it could be a couple of things. Tado devices do not use traditional WiFi to communicate, rather they operate on their own radio frequency, so the performance of your home WiFi sadly won't correlate to tado performance. This can suffer from interference, however I would expect your connectivity light on your wireless receiver to indicate if it had lost connection.

    One question I did have was that you say you ONLY have a bridge and wireless receiver. Do you have a room thermostat at all? If not, then it could simply be that the "no remote access" message is reporting because it can't find a thermostat from which to obtain the room temperature. That is a guess on my part though.
  • I’m just using the hot water control on the wireless receiver, so I have no need for a thermostat. If there is a requirement to have a thermostat before hot water control will work, that seems strange.
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    @Spyder66 I could be way off the mark with my previous suggestion, however my thinking was on tado being a heating control first and foremost (I believe it's only the UK market that gets the wireless receiver with hot water control - the EU one doesn't have it). So my thinking was perhaps they hadn't considered the use case of hot water only. Hopefully I'm wrong though.

    I know when you have a combination of thermostats across many rooms the no remote access message can appear on a room tile when a related device in a different room is disconnected, which can sometimes cause confusion.

    Are you able to post a screenshot of where the No Remote Access message is appearing in the app? That might help narrow down what's going on.
  • Spyder66
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    Turns out there were two issues…

    1.) The Internet Bridge was using the same IP as another device on my network. Not sure if this is an issue with the Bridge or the other device. Anyways, I assigned a static IP to the Internet Bridge and now this side of things is working.

    2.) Even though I only required the Hot Water side of the Wireless Receiver, seems that I also have to pair a Wireless Temperature Sensor as well to make things work! This really should be fixed in the tado firmware.

    Can I suggest that tado have an advanced option whereby you can treat the two switches of the Wireless Receiver, as just that, two switches that are either manually controlled or controlled by an attached Wireless Temperature Sensor. In other words do not just force the boiler/hot water assignments.

    Eventually I want to use the Wireless Receiver to control two separate underfloor heating areas, and being able to assign a Wireless Temperature Sensor to each switch would work perfectly.

    I would also like to see the actions of the manual switches on the Wireless Receiver changed to provide a boost option instead of for testing! For example if I press the manual hot water switch once it should start a 1hr boost. The LED should continually flash once to indicate you are in this mode. At the 10 minute mark it can flash rapidly so you know the 1hr period will finish soon. You could also have a double switch press for a 2hr boost, flashing the LED rapidly twice continuously. Again at the 10 minute mark it will flash rapidly. If you hold the switch for 3 seconds, then it will go into the 2 minute test mode. These switch functions should also apply to the heating side as well as the hot water side.

    You have such a useful product line, it seems a shame that the way you have implemented it is very limiting, when it could do so much more just by updating your software/firmware implementation.
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