Thermostats on old firmware

Of the 12 thermostats I have , 2 of them are shiwing they are on older firmware than the rest. 2 of them are on firmware 54.12. The rest are on 86.1. Result is that some featires like the child lock is missing. Can anyone advise how to update the firmware on the thermostats please.....


  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    They are old hardware that have corresponding old version numbers. No idea if they will never be updated anymore or if they will receive feature updates later.

  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    @PhilK as @Rob2 mentions it's likely those 2 are the older radiator thermostats - you can confirm by checking the serial number inside the battery cover.

    VA01 is the older type and VA02 is the newer type. That being said I believe the VA01 should still update to at least 54.20 (which is the revision that adds the child lock feature for the older devices).

    Might be worth whacking some new batteries in them, as I believe the battery status reporting on the older devices isn't as good, so it could be a low battery preventing the update?
  • I have found the Tado support team to be very helpful with issues such as this; contact the team by email . . .