Reliance on Tado Server and the Internet

If I move from inHouse control of my Central Heating to a Tado system, what happens to the CH when the internet fails or Tado servers are down. Will the system still work?

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  • I am currently in this situation. My internet is down with a Major Service Outage in my area. It happened when my hot water was turned off. I have your standard UK small system with a Wireless Receiver to control my system and a wireless thermostat. It would appear I have no means of turning on my hot water until my Internet service is restored, which might not be until next week.

    Why is there no manual means of turning on hot water? The Hot Water button on the Receiver is only a test button that turns on the hot water for about a minute. So it seems the only way I have of getting hot water through and beyond the weekend is to stand beside the Wireless Receiver all day and press the test button every minute!

    This appears to be a very poor design element with basic functionality being unavailable when a component that's not in your control goes wrong.

    What is the solution to my problem?

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    @CliveC see my comment to your other post.
  • I found this by accident, not seen it in any manual, but if you briefly press the on/off power button on the wireless receiver you can cycle through alarm, heat on and hot water on. I know it works as I used it to force my boiler control on for a few days when I had issues elsewhere, it’s basically the same as putting a link across the volt free contacts.