Support for Matter standards to allow full interop across Smart Home systems

Full support and integration with the Matter standards as the standards develop and get published - ideally without having to upgrade the hub, etc.

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  • rafm5
    rafm5 | Moderator

    Tado° is not a member of Matter, so I wouldn't expect for an update.

  • matthews90
    edited January 17
    To be honest if they won’t implement Matter protocol they will be out of business rapidly. It will be priority when buying new smart home devices.

    I’m also getting change my radiators to others working with Matter if Tado is not thinking about it
  • Rob
    Rob | Admin

    tado° is thinking about it though. I cannot make any promises about any kind of implementation, but we will not stand still doing nothing.

  • Yes, Thread and Matter support are a must for me for any future smarthome device I would buy.

  • Absolutely, I'm fairly well invested in tado (8 trv's and extension kit for modulating boiler control) and I have a few more rooms to update, but I'll be waiting for matter integration, or migrating to a different heating control system if it's not forthcoming.
  • Hope so @Rob - Noted that Tado is on the official Connectivity Standards Alliance list of participants (for Matter). Scroll down and click on See All Participants at

  • Rob
    Rob | Admin

    @Klaus_Ludwig Exactly. I'm still not allowed to say much about implementation, but from what I've seen it will come.

    Screenshot from that website:

  • Klaus_Ludwig
    Klaus_Ludwig ✭✭
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    I can only guess what to expect at the official launch of Matter - possibly around September this year? Will the big names hit the ground running with Matter compatible hardware/firmware immediately available? If they do, then I would suggest that the others who want to stay in the IOT marketplace will have to be seen to be doing something soon. 

    Will Matter roll out across different equipment/appliances over several months/years and be introduced in stages?