What do I need to connect to the hot water tank?

My boiler has 2 zones, one for house, one for hot water. The current system (not Tado) seems to have some temperature sensing device connected to the hot water tank and another wireless thermostat that is in the house somewhere.

When I go for Tado, I understand I will need the Wireless starter Kit (https://www.tado.com/gb-en/wireless-smart-thermostat-specifications-overview), where the

  1. wireless receiver will connect to the gas heater boiler
  2. the wireless temperature sensor will sit in the house
  3. the internet bridge will connect via ethernet to LAN.

i also understand I can buy the smart TRVs.

1) What I don't understand is what do I need to connect to the hot water tank?

2) Do you know whether tado can do modulated heating vs just on-off heating? I noticed that Netatmo has the option of Modulating Thermostat but Tado is not clear.


  • Germán
    Germán | Admin

    Hello brio09,

    Please consult our support chat with the specifics of all the elements in your setup (boiler, water programmer, thermostat) and our team could assess your specific case.