Hot-swap multi-accounts with Tado app.

Since it is so hard for Tado engineers to implement multi home support for Tado app. Can we at least have multi-accounts feature? Twitter allows us to log in many accounts at once, right? 😑


  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    Unfortunately there is no Tado team of software engineers. There is only the one founder (of 3) that did the software of the original product, is now in the board of directors, and finds an occasional half a day to do some emergency fixes.

    There is no team to implement items from a wish list. Or if there is, it has absolutely abysmal performance.

  • Hey @Rob2
    Is your comment purely supposition....or do you have access to the Tado offices
    ?? 🤔
  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    I observe the outside behavior. There is no way that "a team of software engineers" could produce so little as is being shown by Tado. The observed output is much less than one programmer's fulltime worth.

  • To be honest @Rob2 I suspect that you are not far from the truth. I agree with you that the time it takes Tado to implement any changes to the Tado system is rediculous and the actual changes are usually miniscule in effect.
    There has just been another App update and also an Extension Kit Firmware upgrade........once again there is no notifcation from Tado to indicate exactly why these have been done......and so far I can't see any changes. Time will tell.
  • I have two houses. I have 8 smart AC devices - 6 at my primary home and 2 at my secondary home. When I am in my secondary house, all tado devices are treated as 'away'. When clearly two is them should be treated as 'home'.

    It should be possible to set a 'home' zone per device, so that I can have my primary home services as 'away' when I am at my secondary house (and those units at my secondary house as 'home' while I am there) and vice versa.

    Creating a secondary account in tado is a terrible work around. Also, Ifttt only can work with one tado account, so creating a secondary account isn't a good solution.

    I've spent almost $2k on tado devices and see less switching between two houses is a much needed feature
  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    @JGrae Tado does not support two houses. Sure that is a pity, but it has always been like that.

  • @Rob2 come on, I don't even think about two houses support, I just want to switch between houses. How hard is it?

  • Rob2
    Rob2 ✭✭✭

    Well, picture a CTO who is to handle the daily operation of a small company with all the burden that causes, and has to find some free time to work on a software project he started years ago together with a couple of friends.

    He has a stack of incoming requests and needs to decide what to work on. He gets requests from large parties which have been contracted to distribute the product (energy companies, boiler manufacturers), important changes that have to be made because of legal requirements, changes to cater for modifications in the mobile platforms made outside of his control by Apple and Google, etc.

    That all together completely overwhelms his available time, and there is nothing left for "nice to have" things, unless they are trivial to implement (like a change in temperature stepsize from .1 to .5 degrees without an option to user-configure it).