How does the app work

I`ve downloaded the app to my Ipad but can`t any further than add zone/remove zone.

What information do you put in the add zone,is it my home address or something else?

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  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin
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    @terrysutt The app should be used in combination with the tado hardware. If you do not have a tado account and tado hardware, the app won't be able to do much I am afraid.


  • Thanks for your reply Jurian,I have now set up a tado account.We have just had a new boiler installed

    with the tado Smart Thermostat,Extension Kit (on boiler) and the Internet Bridge.There are two things I would like assistance with ,in the app under Heating, it shows "OFF untill you resume Schedule" ( don`t know what this means)

    and what is the function of the 4th light on the internet bridge (it will flash for a period and then stop) the other

    three lights remain on.