Extension showing 'Connected' in app when turned off

Hi there,

How long do I wait?

I turned the Extension Kit off while trying to track down the cause of a pattern of LED blinking which I cannot identify.

Strangely, though, the Extension Kit still shows as 'Connected' in the App, even tough the power is off and there are no LED light at all...




  • Seems like it was around 30 minutes before the app showed 'Disconnected'.

    Have turned the power back on and the LED was flashing regularly, so I hit the button on the Extension for 3 secs. and put the Bridge into 'pairing mode'.

    The LED now shows solidly with a rapid double blink every two secs or so. I do have a radiator valve awaiting a replacement radiator and so this may be the cause of the pattern of blinking which is showing.

    Will report back in a coupe of weeks when the replacement is fitted..

  • cbd20
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    Hi @ThompsonA it sounds like you've already worked out the flashing light situation, however for future reference in case you've not seen it, here's a link that shows the different extension kit light combinations:

    This would suggest that it doesn't have a link to the thermostat. I guess this could be due to the radiator thermostat not being mounted, as presumably you've got the batteries out at the moment?